Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Photography Show ~ Day 2

{If you haven't read my write up of day one at The Photography Show, you can do that here}

I had a slightly later start on Sunday; so armed with my boxed up Nikon D3200 & D7200 + 18-55mm kit lens round my neck, I headed for the NEC around 11am. I'm so glad I had my camera out as I managed to get an amusing shot of a group of Jedi, who looked like they needed an extra dose of the Force! Although it's great to be there for the show opening, going that bit later was nice as there wasn't a massive crowd walking in.

More Force Needed!
My main agenda for this day was to trade my D3200 against a NIKKOR 50mm Prime & spare battery, listen to a couple of talks & have a general browse around the different exhibitors. So the first place I headed was London Camera Exchange where I said a sad farewell to my D3200 {it has been a fantastic entry-level DSLR & my constant companion for the past few years} & then I had a browse round the many stands & a few of the galleries. Although not on my shopping list, I was on the hunt for a roller travel case. Packing my kit for this trip made me realise that I really needed one & managed find a nice one from Nest which I was pleased with.

My wandering lead me to the Nikon School Stage. While waiting for a seat, I took advantage of the flower photography scene that was set up & took a few shots {if you follow me on Instagram, you know I love a good flower & plant shot} I then listened to a talk on Speedlights, which was really interesting, then listened to David Yarrow at 12pm. I absolutely love his fine art wildlife photography & he was so inspiring! I then had a bit of time before the next talk I wanted to listen to, so I headed back to hotel to drop off the couple of bags I had & got lunch.

I went back into the show around 2:30pm & headed back to the Nikon School Stage to listen to Richard Peters, who I'd seen last year. His wildlife photography is brilliant & his talk was about the process of getting better & learning to build from a shot & evolve shots you already have into something even better! The last talk on the agenda was at the Mobile & Social Media Stage {think that's what it was called}  all about iphonography/phone photography & was given by Sara Tasker. The main reason for listening to this one was for my mum {who was with me} She loves photography too {probably where I get it from!} but likes the convenience of using her iPhone to take pictures. Although I'm definitely a DSLR user, the hints & tips Sara gave about using your phone actually inspired me to start using my iPhone to take photos again, especially for my personal Instagram.

After this, I headed back to hotel, stopping off at ilex camera book stand {being the bookworm that I am} & pick up a couple of books. I also made a final stop at Fotospeed as I wanted to have a proper look at the #fsprintmonday gallery, which like The People's Gallery, I knew a few of the Photographers from Twitter. I also had a really nice chat with Emma about printing, who was so helpful & I came away with their tester paper packs.

Monday was our leaving day & after a busy weekend, we had a lovely relaxing morning before checking out at 12pm. I had planned to wander down the lake by the NEC but the weather wasn't great. So instead when we got a hot chocolate from the Costa in the hotel, I took my camera with my 50mm prime attached & got some shots around the hotel lobby before heading home.

Lobby Light
Overall the show was brilliant & for the cost of a ticket {around £13} you get so much for your money! There were so many shops to browse & free talks to listen to & learn from. There were also some nice set up scenes that you could take photographs of, though a few more of these would be great, as I feel like there were more last year. It was interesting to see the rise in the number of Drone stands & VR this year, so it's not just information on "traditional" photography that's on offer. So no matter which area of photography you're interested in, there's something for everyone!

Attack of the Drone!
I hope all those that attended the show had a fantastic time & if you'd like to know more about any of the kit I picked, see pictures of it or would like me to write a review on any of it, please let me know.

Take care,