Wednesday, 1 February 2017


My name is Louise Shepherd, I'm an Amateur Photographer & I'm based in the tiny Village/Town of Heysham, located in the North West Region of Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

I've decided to create this little space to explore my love of photography more as
I've always been fascinated by cameras & photographs. As a small child, I have memories of being surrounded by my parents photograph albums & spending hours looking through them. Amongst the many family photo's is a photograph of myself, camera in hand so I guess being behind the camera taking photographs is something I've done from an early age.

For a long time it's been one of my causal hobbies but I am now beginning to take it a bit more seriously. I've recently completed my first Photography Course through Michigan State University via the Coursera Website which has really helped increase my photography knowledge & also boosted my overall confidence when taking photographs.

I love the whole process from capturing a moment to then spending time editing & playing with the colour on my laptop to enhance the photograph, but only if it's needed of course. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones in their natural unedited state.

I usually keep my main camera, a Nikon D3200, to hand as I never know when I might want to capture my surroundings or a moment in time. I currently have four lenses that I swap between, a 18-50mm, 55-300mm, a Micro 60mm & a 35mm Prime. To find out what else is in my kit bag, feel free to have a nosy at the Camera Kit page on here.

If you'd like to have a look some of the photographs I've taken over the past few years, then please feel free to head over to my Crevado portfolio: L.E.S Photography Portfolio Included there is my first Photography Project "Stroll Down the Promenade."

My hopes with this little place is to document a few of the "adventures" I get up to with my camera whether that's when I go & about, when I'm around the house or in my garden. I'm also going to try & document the process of working towards starting my own photography business.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below & I'll be happy to reply.

Happy Snapping,


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